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Good Corporate Governance vs Good Body Condition Maintaining

The term of Good Corporate Governance nowaday is using broadly among the people in term of managing the corporation. For me Good Corporate Governance is a system that manage the corporate compare to our body which is consist of system that manage the internal system that manage the body itself or the system that manage how it encountered with the outer thing. This system can move on and grows up because of support from organs that construct the system. In order to maintain the good work of this organs, this organs needs a nutrition as a fuel to make the organs work beside the treatment that ensure the organs works good comply to its function.
We mention company as a corporate. The etimology of this word is same word of body, the body has to be alive that's why it always do activities to stay alive or survive. To staying alive the body has to be supported by nutrition intake, has to be moved and has to be taken care of. Same as a body the corporate has to be managed as good as we are taking care of our body. There are 3 (three) things that has to become our concern when we discuss about good corporate governance:

1. The Body Needs Nutrition
Not just a nutrition but the good nutrition, the healthy nutrition and not harmful. The nutrition is same with the capital in the corporate. The corporate needs capital to sustain a corporate live. Capital can be generate from profit or revenue, and the practices to earn the profit or revenue has to be guaranteed comes from legal and conform to proper practices and doesn't bring any damage to another parties. The capital has to be use in proper and legal way and brings benefit for any stakeholder that involves direct or undirecly to the business practices. This is important to ensure that the corporate doesn't keep a time bomb that can be explode some times in the future due to malpractice of business.

2. The Body Needs Movement
To ensure that the body is keeping alive, any organ has to do a movement. The Corporate has to move on in term of making profit and then to gain a capital. How they can have a food if they do not move on to earn that. In their movement the corporate has to practice the legal and proper movement and doesn't endangered their live or another live. Body indeed can be trained to perform a diffucult movement that not everybody can do it but there are limitation that body can do. Corporate can create a sophisticated manoevre in running their business but the good corporate always practice the legal movement and efford the benefit and fairness for every stakeholder direct or indirectly.

3.The Body Needs Maintaining.
Good shape of body is maintained regularly, good sanitation and healthy living style, exercise to make any muscles stay in the good condition. Good Corporate always perform a rejuvenation to make them keep updated and stay fit to fight any new challanges that coming fastly and changing fastly. the corporate has to stay flexible, ready and embrace the changes any time it comes around. This is signed by a regeneration of leadership, good regeneration in the corporate has to be based on meritocracy, who is competence and mature is eligible to hold a position. Anyone who involves as a stakeholder has to be given a chance to improve their ability and potential, to achieve a good career and remuneration based on their performance. And there are no limitation or banned from any other parties. Regeneration keeps the corporate survive

To ensure these 3 things works better then we need a discipline. Eat regularly and proportionally, work regularly and proportionally, exercise regularly and proportionally is needed to make sure that our body stay in good condition. Our body balance can be disturb if we don't do these 3 things. This things is refer to system and procedure in the corporate. System and procedure is needed to ensure that each employee know and understand what is his/her main job and responsibilities and how he/she has to do his/her job to whom they have to reported to and how to he/she communicate with another department or parties. Besides every stake holder is provided an access to know what the corporate is doing now or has done or what is the corporate plan for the future, this mechanism can create a feedback system for a corporate to improve their practices or change the approaching and to achieve better than they are doing now or to repriminded corporate if there any dissorder or mispractice in their running.

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